Byron Bay Part I


There are so many times when traveling that the “world-reknown”, “must-see” location is just a tourist trap. Plain and simple. In fact, in our experience, MOST of the time the places we find most special are off the beaten path. But there are those rare moments when a place is touristy for a reason. Let me just go ahead and say it:
Byron Bay is L-E-G-I-T.
We took off early from Yamba but not before an early morning ocean walk:

And a quick mishap with the bike. We stayed at a great little place a block or so off the beach that was run by a nice couple who had caravanned  around Australia for 5 years. As we were chatting, I was looking over the bike and found this:

We also found that the bike wouldn’t turn over. It looks like our little oil leak may have been running into the alternator which could be affecting the battery. Either way, we push started the bike and were on our way. 

After a quick run up the coast, we were in Byron Bay. But before we even went into town, we stopped at a place called The Farm that Kristen has been following on Instagram. It’s a pretty interesting concept: a restaurant / grocery / flower shop / event space that is stocked by produce and meats from a farm on site as well as other farms in the immediate area. So we stopped in for a quick lunch, not really knowing what to expect.

We sat down after walking around and taking some pictures and pretty immediately ordered some food. We actually just asked the waitress to surprise us. So she did. Kristen curled up with a blanket and we waited for our dishes with a couple of well-made coffees.
Now here’s why I’m going into all this detail. The food that came out and very quickly was shoveled into our mouths was OUT OF THIS WORLD. So much so that we came back the next day and had breakfast. I’m actually having trouble putting this post together because of how good the food was and how sad I am that we cannot eat like this every day.

So here is my plea for all you that are so lucky to go to Byron Bay and thus The Farm.
The prices are high. There’s no way around it. You’ll think, “I’m supposed to pay THAT for some bread and olive oil?”. The answer is yes. You will pay that much for bread and you will like it. This place is worth it. I’m telling you. You will be missing out on some truly fantastic food with a lovely atmosphere if you pass it up. Below are some more pics just because we love this place:

Final thought:
It’s incredible. Go to The Farm. 
Also, they have this huge tree:

So after getting the tastebuds blown off our faces, we wandered into Byron Bay and eventually to the beach.

As if our fully satisfied bellies, the cool breeze and the soft sand weren’t enough, there were dogs. Lots and lots of dogs. All playing and running and loving life before our eyes. 
What is this magical place?!

More to come...