Byron Bay Part 2


Byron Bay is a bit of an anomaly in that it takes so many things that Australia’s east coast can give and puts them all together in one town.Like we said in the last post, it is a bit touristy and a bit expensive. But if you can get away from the central strip in town that houses a ton of bars and restaurants and shops, it really is a special place. 
We stayed at a spectacular place just out of town that was smack in the middle of the first bit of rain forest we’ve seen in Oz.

One of the stranger discoveries has been the large number of wild turkeys that live close to so many of the beaches we’ve visited. I had a bad experience with a turkey once and I’m now a little wary. 
I’ve got my eye on you...

Speaking of beaches, Byron has miles and miles...

The surfing culture is alive and well, even in the middle of winter. Sidenote: How is it that we can’t surf?? Kristen is a world-class boogie boarder (I’m serious, she’s so good that it’s actually kind of weird) but we have only tried actual surfing once. It’s a shame and it will be rectified. It’s a life goal of mine to be an old, white haired dude longboarding in Hawaii.

Speaking of white-haired surfers, this guy was hilarious. He watched me climb up some rocks to shoot these photos and proceeded to walk straight into the water in front of me and shred. He definitely had a flair for the dramatic - at one point he wiped out, came out of the water by whipping his long hair back and spewing ocean water into the air. 

It’s pretty obvious that the main Byron Bay beach gets completely over-populated in the summer. Even now, there were quite a few people hanging out. But a quick drive away took us to an almost empty beach that was literally miles long.

So now that I feel like the Byron Bay tourism board owes us some money for our glowing recommendation, my final thought is this: just go to this place. You’ll have fun, especially if you have a sidecar and a smoking hot wife!

Next up: Oh, so it’s called a rain forest because it rains a lot...