New Brunswick and Nova Scotia


Kristen's grandmother, Nana, was a fiercely witty, God-fearing, well-traveled woman with a gypsy's love for wandering. Everyone in the family is fairly certain that Kris inherited some of her adventurer's spirit naturally. 

For years we've talked of going to Nova Scotia because of Nana's love for the area. And so, in a pilgrimage of sorts, we spent several days taking it all in.

We had majorly false notions about what this whole area was like. I don't know why, but both of us kind of figured that both coasts of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia would be lined with towns and tourist traps. Turns out it is heavily wooded and super wild. We were very pleasantly surprised. 

The Bay of Fundy is kind of a big deal around here. With a massive tide recession (allegedly the biggest in the world), secret caverns and sites like the Hopewell Rocks are revealed on the coast every day. 



The extra long days actually saved us at the Hopewell Rocks. We rolled in at about 9 PM (mainly because someone had told us that low tide happened between 9 and 10) to find that the park was closed. We ended up running fairly blindly down unmarked trails trying to find the beach in hopes of catching some photos before it was too dark. The effort paid off with us having access to a totally deserted site. 





As a kid I was forced against my will to watch Anne of Green Gables over and over and over again by my older sister when all I wanted to do was watch another episode of Knight Rider or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Because of my ingrained suffering, we had to visit Prince Edward Island and the "house" that inspired the setting of Anne of GG. The island greeted us with windy and rainy conditions, soaking us on our way to the farm. We promptly rode off to the tune of a $46 bridge toll so that's cool. Gilbert would have understood my frustration.

The highlight was Peggy's Cove, an area west of Halifax. Again, we had no idea what the expect but the entire region is very PNWish, which we like very much. 

Plus, who doesn't like a good lighthouse, eh?.






All in all, the whole area was pretty chill and perfectly easy to ride around. We get it, Nana!