Two Wheels to Newfoundland


For about 10 years, Kristen has been acting as a navigator/passenger as we've traveled around. About a month ago, she decided to flip everything on its head.

She went through the a riding course, got her license and now the proud owner of a Ducati Scrambler! I admit that as I saw her in my rear view mirror for the first time, carving around a curve, I legit teared up. I'm crazy proud. 

After rearranging some things and saying goodbye to a few old friends (adios Suburban with 200,00 miles and Honda), we purchased a used Ford Transit cargo van, kitted it out for hauling bikes around and are headed out of the heat out towards Canada later this week. 

One last thing: we are a Scrambler family now.

Happy birthday/4th of July/Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter to me! Lesssggoooo!