North to Hawk's Nest


Perhaps the sweetest thing that traveling by motorcycle has shown me is how how much my wife trusts my abilities. Perhaps to a fault. We have been in a couple of situations that were legitimately frightening and although there have been a few tears, Kristen believes in me. I was reminded of this as we pulled into Sydney traffic a second time. 

There aren't any pictures from our weaving through traffic as Kris was tending to her navigational duties, but we hit a Zen moment as a driving team while downtown. Our first day of riding was a testament to our over-confidence. I couldn't believe how differently the rig handled with the sidecar on the left side. But as we headed north on day 2, the 3 of us were a finely tuned, four-headed, three-wheeled machine.

Kristen's new helmet presents a new challenge as I can't see her face, but she was quickly using scuba diving signals crossed with sign language crossed with charades. It's a good system plus her Biltwell helmet is boss.

After a few tunnels and tight squeezes we were out into the open. 2 initial thoughts: this 2015 Ural is wicked and it is flipping cold. We knew it was winter here but it was in the low 40s F when we left Sydney. 


After a late lunch, we pulled off of the A1, the main artery that runs the East coast and headed to a small town called Hawk's Nest. The light was too good to not take some glamour shots.

After finding a nice little motel that seemed close to the ocean we headed to an empty Bennett Beach that was loving dusk.





After some tapas, which including some fairly epic oysters, we considered the day a complete victory.