The Koala Hospital


Kristen and I like animals. And we've mentioned this before, but we are very moved by seeing people devoting their lives protecting animals. 

The Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie is an example of a group that is dedicated to providing excellent aid and housing to injured animals. How could we not stop an visit... I mean, koalas.


The 50 mile ride up to Port Macquarie was sunny and crisp. Winter in Australia is a huge win...

So far, Oz has been a super pleasant place to ride a Ural. These bikes aren't made to go very fast and are especially happy running between 55 mph (90 km/h) and 65 mph (105 km/h). The fastest speed limit we've had on the major highway running up the East coast is 110 km/h. Seeing as there are tons of campers and trailers on the road going much slower, the Ural has been fitting in perfectly.

The hospital itself is set up on a large tract of land at the edge of town. It is ridiculously idyllic with huge eucalyptus trees towering overhead. There are several enclosures, each with a man-made shelter and for those that are able, each with at least one large tree so that the koalas are free to climb and eat as they please.

Each of the bears (is that right? can i just call them bears for short?) has a different type of injury, whether it be dog attack, traffic accident or surprisingly chlamydia. Apparently, koala populations are rampant with the STD because of their territories becoming cramped and overpopulated. Crazy.

The koalas we photographed weren't in the hospital ward of the facility. They were nearing the end of their recovery and were nearing the time when they can be released. 

After beginning to feel like animal paparazzi, we headed on up the coast. We ended the day in South West Rocks - yet another postcard beach town that litters the Australian east coast. 

Life does not suck.