Detained in Deer Lodge


We woke up feeling moderately rested at the classy Sharf's Motor Inn and headed down for our breakfast. This is worth mentioning because while Kristen had a nice, healthy meal of eggs and toast, I had a cinnamon roll that had been sliced like bread, fried and served like pancakes with syrup and powdered sugar. I could actually hear myself getting fatter.

With a belly full of goodness, we walked across the street to take a tour of the Old Montana Prison. The woman in charge of the motel told us to get there early so that we wouldn't get caught up in the crowds. 

The crowds. In a prison.

I love this place.

It turns out that we were put in our place after skeptically smirking because there were a ton of people touring the prison. Enough people, in fact, that at several points we had to hang back so that we could see the "attractions" after the crowd thinned. 

"Why would you go to a place like this?", you may ask. We honestly went to gawk at an odd tourist trap and left feeling completely creeped out. This place is straight out of The Shawshank Redemption. The cells were tiny, there were bars everywhere, the air was thick with bad history, and "The Hole" was horrid (too small to stand up or lie down). 

The thing that really got us were the gallows. I know they were just set up for show, but something was just wrong about the whole thing. In a Hitchcockesque setting, they stood in a building with hundreds of pigeons cooing overhead. 

Our payment also got us into a car museum, which was surprisingly impressive in its oddness. 

Our ticket also got us into a place called Yesterday's Playthings. Inside were hundreds of toys and dolls. Did I mention that I hate dolls? And clowns? 

After an overall creepy day, we jumped on Elga and rode a beautiful 200 miles to our Aunt and Uncle's place in Bigfork, Montana. Day redeemed.

Since then, we spent a bit of time in town (Kristen found her "one" piece of jewelry for the trip), we cooked lunch and I did Elga's 10,000 km service. I actually really enjoy working on the bike, but today I woke up with the worst back and neck pain I've ever had. I'm hunched over like I'm from Notre Dame and doing the service was a chore. Hopefully some rest will do me good.

Tomorrow we head to Glacier National Park and CANADA!