Movin' On Up


Today was a bit different than the past couple that we've spent in the mountains. The scenery was so different and it was hot again! Not Texas hot, but I got a bit spoiled riding at 60F for the past couple days. Anyway, we headed north from Montrose up Highway 50 towards Grand Junction, and we hit a milestone for this trip. We broke 75 mph for the first time this trip! Without any gear loaded on the bike, it's not such a big deal, but I was surprised with so much weight on the rig. Elga is definitely most comfortable at 55 mph so 75 is a bit of a sprint. 

We then headed on and rode a particularly nice and mountainous section between Loma and Rangely. Beautiful and much cooler than earlier in the day. It was actually very steep in a few sections and I got stuck going about 20 mph.

We then headed northwest towards Vernal, Utah where we rode past a few places that had more than a few dinosaurs milling about...

While headed to a hotel for the night, we came across a really nice war memorial where they had a couple of sweet vehicles that could have been distant cousins of our Ural. Maybe not family, but they definitely liked each other's style.

VFW Post 5560.

A great day! We head through Flaming Gorge tomorrow then onto Grand Tetons.