Tourists from Yellowstone to Deer Lodge


Jackson Hole is a gem. 

We liked it so much that we decided to spend an extra night even though we're on a bit of a schedule. We were able to replace a couple of tires, we walked around the downtown area a bunch, met a wonderful photographer at his gallery (David Brookover), found our new favorite artist (Melissa Graves Brown), Elga received an anonymous flower while we were away from the bike, and we ate an incredibly greasy and perfect hot dog and burger. Life is good.

We reluctantly left Jackson Hole and headed up to the Grand Tetons. After about 5 minutes out of town we ran into the mother of all traffic jams. We have never driven through this park or Yellowstone but I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a lot of other people want to see them as well. 

Turns out that there's a reason for all the traffic. Mount Moran and Jenny Lake are absolutely spectacular even with moody weather. 

What a boss.

We had a quick lunch and moved on from the Tetons - we will definitely be coming back. We headed north into America's favorite park, Yellowstone. The traffic was pretty horrendous and while on our way to Old Faithful, an older gentleman in a Suburban very nearly ran us off the road and subsequently off of a mountain. I was not happy, understandably, and went to see wonder of Yellowstone with an annoyed spirit. Old Faithful stayed true to its namesake and blew us both away. What a display of nature's glory. We feel so blessed to have seen such a show. 

After hanging out for a bit, we hopped back on the bike and headed for the nearest campsite.

I slept like an absolute rock with the mountain air blowing gently through the tent. Kristen, however, woke up wondering how I ever talked her into this. I think her sleeping bag was not made for the mountains...

Do to being freezing all night, Kristen decided to try out her heated gear for the first time. I'm pretty sure this is going to become a necessity from now on. She's in love. Anyway, we saw a bunch of elk that were all being pestered by an eternal flock of photographers, so we took our leave and headed out the west exit. 

The afternoon was a real treat. Montana is gorgeous and huge and wild. Even Kristen, a beach lover, told me that she was ready to move. Hebgen Lake and the surrounding area was awesome and we had a fantastic day of riding until getting to Butte and highway 90.

We decided to jump on the interstate for a quick jaunt when the skies opened up. We both got drenched as there was no exit in sight and spent decided after another 20 minutes of riding to find a place for the night. We rolled into Deer Lodge and stayed at a motel/casino directly across the street from the local prison. More on that later after Kristen edits the pictures from today!