"In the Big Rock Candy Mountains..."







We slept so well after getting assistance from Chuck. We woke the next morning and headed north from Las Vegas, but not before Kristen got to read her new favorite publication, Gallinas: The Biker Babes Edition".







We packed up Elga like a mule and headed out.


Neither of us have spent much time in New Mexico before. But as we headed to Angel Fire we were absolutely floored by how beautiful and mountainous it can be. I swear that the scenery was making our eyes explode as we rolled through Eagle Nest and Red River. If you've never been to this part of the country, go. Seriously. 

After lunch in the ski town of Angel Fire, we headed north through Eagle Nest and Red River. Late August seems to be ideal for the weather in this part of the country. 

We hit 522 in Questa until we connected with 159... in Colorado! I have to say we were pretty stoked about getting here. We've had a few setbacks but the mighty Ural refuses to be stopped. Even though we rose to 7,700 ft in elevation, Elga plowed through to Monte Vista and South Fork as the afternoon disappeared.

All of a sudden, we found that the sunset had snuck up on us and we were very lucky to find a scenic, empty campground right when we needed it. We set up camp right next to a river and Kris had some fun with her camera as the stars gleamed with stars. It's good to be in the mountains...