Finally on the Open Road


Today was perfect. 

We are relieved, excited, tired, sunburned, and thirsty. 

It was a great day of Uraling today and even though it felt like it was 150 we both had a blast. Big, open blue skies and lots of lonely highways on our way from Mineral Well, TX to Plainview, TX.

I believe my favorite moment of the day came when we came back to our bike after having lunch at Buck's in Knox City. A guy with an eye patch was standing near our bike, checking her out, and as we walked up he chuckled and nodded,

"Now that is a kick ass bike. I have a heritage classic, but I'm guessing that not even my bike tracks as much stink as this." 

I definitely had never heard that phrase but will be using it soon. 

Our seats were so hot after lunch, Kristen tried to cool it down with some water but I swear it immediately boiled off. It was ridiculous.

We tried a few things to cool off, one involving undressing in public. It turns out that if you douse your shirt in water and then put your jacket back on, it will cool you off for a short time while you ride. Better than nothing:

One of the more exciting moments of the day involved an unknown insect and the inside of my shorts (and yes, I know riding a motorcycle in shorts is ridiculous and stupid).

After spending 6, or so, hours on roads like this, getting blasted by the sun we stopped and did some of this:

Such a great day. 

Day 6 mileage: about 300 miles