And We're Off


We have a quick break between flights and the WIFI in the Mexico City airport is amazingly fast so I better do a quick update! 

Note: I must give thanks to my sister, Emily, for taking almost all the pics in this post.

Even though we literally had months to prepare, much has happened in the last 36 hours. Thankfully, we got to spend almost all of today hanging out with our families without wasting too much time packing.

It was necessary to take a family portrait with our best buddy, Bacon, who has been able to tell that we were about to leave for days.


I took nearly everyone our for a quick spin on Elga, who really needed the exercise.


Unfortunately, the time for play came to an end. Elga went back into the garage, Bacon went to spend time with his best pal, Missy, and we headed to the airport.

There were a few tears shed before we made our way through security and away from our families. I know we must really love this travel thing because the sacrifice of leaving our loved ones is nearly unbearable in the moment.

On another note, I should mention that Kris and I carried on two bags that contained laptops, cameras and assorted electronics. These things are so heavy. More on that in a second...

Just after 6:30 PM, our plane took off into the sunset and Mexico City.

The process in Mexico City was really simple. We were through customs in just a few moments and quickly found ourselves settled into a comfortable 3 hour layover...

We were enjoying our time, lounging in the airport when our names were called over the intercom system. Apparently, the flight was going to leave early and without us. We jumped into action and sprinted with our amazingly heavy bags across the terminal. What we didn't know is that Mexico City is situated at an elevation of 7,900 ft (2,000 ft higher than Denver, CO and way higher than we're used to). We promptly both felt like we were going to have a heart attack as we sprinted to our gate across the airport with our super heavy bags in tow. Painful. Just painful.

As if they were playing a mean joke on us, it wasn't the emergency that that we though and the plane didn't actually leave for another hour. At least we got in a nice sweat before an overnight flight. Delightful.







Our next post will be from Santiago, Chile! Good night.