Bon Bini!


We made it to the ocean.

After years of Kristen and I pondering how we could put ourselves in a position to combine our passions for photography and scuba diving, we're finally here. 

It took 14 hours of travel for us to come from San Antonio, TX to Bonaire. We were so excited about getting to the island that we hardly noticed the outrageous baggage fees ($420!!!) and long, cramped flights. I should say that our last flight at least gave me a reprieve by putting me in the exit row.


One of the first things that greeted us as we exited the airport was a sign for a bike rally that had just started. What amazing timing... More on that later.


After a bit of trouble getting all our gear into our rental truck and then actually finding our rental, we unloaded our stuff and finally realized that this was really happening. Our place (Bonaire Fun) is simple but will be okay for our first week while we look for something a bit more permanent. 

Our first night was an eye opener. An island-wide blackout left us with no fan to circulate the stuffy air in the room/furnace, so we moved to the rooftop beds. Dogs barked. Cars honked. Roosters crowed. Welcome to the Caribbean. 

We hopped in our amazing rental truck (I seriously am in love for some reason) and went for a tour of the island. Remember that motorcycle rally? It turns out that there were hundreds of bikes that came specifically for this event. I love bikers. We are bikers. We own bikes. But Bonaire is small and waiting an hour for gas was not ideal...

Amidst the madness we came across a beach where we have spent the past couple of days swimming and snorkeling. It's a hard life but someone has to do it. We don't really need to get to work until next week anyway...

Before we end this post, this next story must be told. We were driving down the main drag past a couple of places that rent motorcycles, scooters and dune buggies when my eyes spotted something familiar. What are the odds?!

It pretty much looks like the guy has given up on this (I'm guessing) 20 year old Ural but I wish it was for rent. 

So that's it for now. We've been running around trying to find a long term rental and will definitely post as we go along. Can't wait to start diving!