Friends, life in paradise is good.

When I was in high school I had a mentor who constantly filled my head with living out my dreams. His encouragement always ended the same. “Somebody has to do it”, he would say. “So why not you?” And you know what? I don’t mind living my life with those words echoing in my head.

Bonaire recently celebrated a holiday. I have no idea what it was but as a result there was a parade and fireworks and all sorts of excitement downtown. So, we got dressed up… let me clarify… put on something other than board shorts and bikinis. You know life is good when this is dressing up:

And in case you were wondering, yes, Kristen is wearing a onesy (she’s going to smack me for that…). Anyway, we walked into downtown Kralendijk (we still don’t know how to pronounce that) and saw a parade, took some really bad pictures with our point-and-shoot, saw a sweet local band and got eaten alive by mosquitos.

Other than that, we’ve been watching cruise ships come and go…

…hanging out with goats…

…let op!ing drempels…

…seeing storms stir the power of the sea…

…and watching God’s forgiveness float across the waves.

Yes, friends, life is good in paradise. Especially when we’re underwater!

Kristen and I are both pretty taken with these guys: the sharpnose puffer. They are only a couple of inches long, but are absolutely beautiful. And a little shy…

This guy was ducking in and out of a stovepipe sponge that he (or she) shared with a friend…

…a spiny brittlestar. I don’t know how good of a roommate it would make, to be honest.

One evening, we decided to do a sunset dive just to see if we would see anything different. It turns out that in the fish world, there is a race to get home before sundown!

On some invisible highway, hundreds of creole wrasse sped by in search of safer waters. This guy apparently wasn’t in too much of a hurry- he had time to get his mouth cleaned!

The fading light gave a lovely ambience.

Although we seem to see something new every dive, we’ve recently come across some pretty unusual fish. The black durgon (aka the football).

The ocean triggerfish.

The variety of creatures is endless. The beared fireworm.

This scorpionfish was amazingly hidden in the shallows.

The lionfish population is pretty numerous. We see them on nearly every dive and they are bad news for the health of the reef.

Even found a pair.

And so, our diving adventure drifts forward. We have much to catch up on: schools, crabs and even some family members will make a blog appearance soon!

We continue on with the encouragement of Paulo Coelho’s reason for action on our lips:
For Love.
For Victory.
For the Glory of God.

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